Specialty Coffee and Vegan Beverages: Exclusively at Our Vegan Patisserie Café


Experience the rich, full-bodied flavor of our Fresh Bean to Cup, Single Origin & Single Estate ‘Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold’ Specialty Coffee, sourced directly from the renowned Mayuravana Estate in Chikmagalur. Delight in a variety of Coffee and Non-Coffee beverages, all available with your choice of Plant-Based Milk options such as Soy Milk and Oat Milk.

Our Bean to Cup Coffee Bar offers an array of Coffee beverages beyond the classics, including Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, and Macchiato, all customizable with different Plant-Based Milks to suit your preference.

Indulge in our freshly brewed South Indian Filter Coffee, alongside an assortment of other delightful drinks such as Hot Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, Hazelnut Mocha, and Mylkshakes, including a special Milkshake sweetened with Dates. Our Frappes are also available with various Non-Dairy & Plant-Based Milks.

Choose from our diverse selection of Plant-Based Vegan Milks, including Soy Milk, Oat Milk, Millet Oat Milk, and Rice Milk.

Currently, we offer our Coffee and other beverages exclusively to our Dine-in customers. We are actively working on expanding our menu to include options for Takeaways and Online Deliveries.

Vegan coffee Latte Brewed with Aeropress at The Digitale Chef
vegan south indian filter coffee at The Digitale Chef
Vegan Black Coffee Brewed with Frenchpress at The Digitale Chef

The Digitale Chef: Your Destination for Vegan, Soy-Free, and Gluten-Free Treats

#atTheDigitaleChef, all our food menu items are #EthicallyBaked fresh, ensuring a delightful and conscious dining experience. Our menu is 100% Vegan, making it perfect for Vegetarians, Jains, Lactose Intolerant individuals, and Curious Food Enthusiasts.

We also offer a special menu for those with Soy Intolerance. Just ask for our Gluten-Free options!

The Vegan Menu at The Digitale Chef is expertly curated by professionally trained Chefs and Baristas. Our offerings include a variety of desserts such as Vegan Pastry Cake Slices, Vegan-Gluten-Free Baked Cheesecake Slices with various toppings, Cupcakes, and in-house made Vegan Ice Creams. For quick bites, enjoy our freshly made Muffins and decadent Mousse.

We also serve freshly assembled Wheat Grill Sandwiches and exclusive Air-Fried Snacks available only at our café. These include French Fries, Aloo Tikki Buns, and soon-to-be-added Samosas.

Note: The Digitale Chef ~ Vegan Patisserie Café’s menu is available for delivery across Bengaluru through various platforms, including our website. Click any of the links below for the delivery menu.

Our Cafe’s Online Menu

The Digitale Chef Patisserie Cafe Menu’s Delivery available across Bengaluru through various platforms. Click any of the below links for the Delivery Menu.

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